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Drop Offsides, Make Hockey Faster [Minisode]

Why do we have the mysterious lines we find on the hockey rink? Taylor and Daniel are out of town, so Dylan talks about offsides in hockey and how teams try to enter the offensive zone. AND he looks at the history of line-related rules in the NHL, their evolution over time and suggests that maybe it’s time for one more mutation: losing offsides rules to increase the speed and aggression of the game.

Here’s the article Dylan referenced in the episode. 

At the end, there’s a brief update on the stars not yet over playoff race. What Taylor would say, if he were in town:

trade deadline analysis

How We Broke Down the NHL Trade Deadline

Hockey is a love language. The grace, speed, and violence join together to create a symphony of crashing cymbals. And it’s music to our ears. Daniel, Taylor, and Dylan are Texan hockey fans. Get to know them and you might find yourself in love with the Dallas Stars (or the Detroit Red Wings!)

In this NHL Trade Deadline Spectacular, our inaugural episode, we break down the numerous and needlessly complicated trades that came in under the wire. We identify the winners and losers in each deal (a surprisingly fair trade cycle, Rick Nash disaster notwithstanding).

Lastly, we get into our weekly segment, Loose-Ends and Hot Takes, where we make our early predictions for which teams will make it to the pinnacle of hockey, Lord Stanley’s Cup itself.